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The latest among many projects she has worked for globally acclaimed brands include a project with Godiva for its worldwide 2017 Spring Gift Box Collection to which she contributed her elegant illustrations for the collection’s packages and window displays;  providing illustrations for a women’s apparel brand MOGA from 2014 for three years in a row for T-shirts, sweaters and accessories;  working as project-based illustrator for Afternoon tea, a renowned lifestyle brand in Japan, for its Christmas 2017 campaign in which Chico’s art works were used extensively, including its main visual, posters, paper shopping bags and gift packages;  and providing Lotte Duty Store in Ginza Tokyu Plaza with illustrations used for their posters and banner ads. 
She has also embarked on many collaborative projects with lifestyle brands and other clients,  including the one with &mo’ design, a gift brand, to which Chico engaged in the development process for the coffee mug & plate by contributing her illustrations;  and the other with KEI FABRIC, a textile company, in which the company’s original textile products featuring Chico’s illustrations were sold widely.

She has also actively used her skills and time for charity purposes. Chico has been invited to many charity events including My Little Pony Projects in New York, Snoopy’s 60th Anniversary in Hong Kong where she exhibited and sold her original Snoopy-themed works.  She also contributed to the GAP’s PRODUCT (Red) Project in the form of providing her illustrations to be featured in its T-shirts.

Her enthusiasm also lies in helping people affected by natural disasters through using her skills.
One of her efforts in this direction is participating in the 366 ART HEART COCORO, an art-based charity project held in Shibuya PARCO right after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunamis hit her country as a part of the
LOVE for NIPPON initiatives to help reconstruct the affected areas and communities.

Chico currently lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.

(See Works section for more details of her work)